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Sapiosexual Atl Q&A (2021)

(May 22, 2021) Jamila Aisha speaks on the Sapiosexual Atl q&a panel for Mental Health Advocacy and Sex Workers' Rights.

  1. Jamila Aisha, Sex Violence Prevention advocate (left) with Koree S. Badio, Mental Health advocate and host and artist Tsega Beloved, May 22, 2021.

  2. Sapiosexual Atl promotional flyer.

In efforts to normalize conversation surrounding sex, sexual expression and sex rights and to raise awareness for increased protections for sex workers in today's society Jamila Aisha, Sex Violence Prevention advocate sat on the Sapoisexual Atl q&a panel answering questions about sex rights advocacy and allyship work and how DECRIM (sex work) initiatives can put an end to sexual violence. Jamila Aisha also presented the training seminar Ceau-Opx: DECRIM Allysip during the event.

Mental Health advocate Koree S. Badio also spo

ke about the stigmas surrounding mental health.

View the entire q&a panel here.

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