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Ceau-Opx:  DECRIM Allysip

The core training seminar for the NO PERFECT SOLUTIONS Campaign.

Description: This training seminar course provides a background and broad outline for the DECRIM initiatives. a primary prevention strategy for sex trafficking. The course will focus on the challenges of Sex Rights Advocacy work, the need for allyship and emphasize harm reducing. This seminar also addresses harmful anti-trafficking, victim-blaming and by-stander blaming approaches by offering strategies that deliver solutions.


Ceauhexion: Workplace Productivity

Description: This training seminar introduces primary prevention and development strategies to promote inclusion and cultural diversity to reduce harm and increase productivity. This training will provide participants with abilities to addresses stigma and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Contemporary Boardroom

ReCeauverxy: Care Services

This training seminar gives an overview of care services and resources for survivors of workplace violence. Participants will discuss how to address traumas and triggers and ways to incorporate survivor-centered programs.

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