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advocate. educate. initiate. prevent. 


  • DECRIM - decriminalize consensual sex work/erotic labor

  • DESTIG - destigmatize sexual expression

  • STOP SV - stop sexual violence before it starts


In efforts to prevent harm before it starts, TW!O programs are structured to advocate sex rights awareness, create comprehensive sex education and anti-stigma programming and initiate solidarity and support for individuals in the sex labor industry. We achieve this by:

  • advocating for sex rights and sex positive workplace culture 

  • creating comprehensive sex education programs for organizations

  • promoting harm reduction, violence prevention and anti-stigma initiatives

  • focusing on primary prevention strategies




Originally organized as young ladies character development courses, Jamila Aisha started what became Totally Wow! and Totally Wow! Org in 2012.  She began her journey to become a sex educator in 2013 after being a product consultant for Pure Romance. The all-female, partygoers seemed to express the need for comprehensive sexual education, sexual and self-empowerment and the opportunity to release sexual shame and stigma. From these experiences and following her own sexual empowerment journey Totally Wow! and Totally Wow! Org was rebranded and reborn into the Wow! Group - Sexual Empowerment Consulting Agency (LOVE CONNECTION) consisting of:

  • Totally Wow!, Llc.

  • Totally Wow! Org, Inc.



  • Motivational & Transformational Speaking

  • Program Development

  • Curriculum Development

  • Sexual Violence Survivor Advocacy

  • Policy Recommendations

  • Organizational Training

  • Prevention and Awareness Advocacy


Jamila Aisha has worked in public relations and marketing for over 10 years as a Public Affairs Specialist for the Georgia Air Guard and Marketing Assistant for the Gallery at South DeKalb. She earned her Volunteer Victims Advocate certification from the DoD D-SAACP in 2019. She has been working as a sex educator and sex rights advocate since 2013. As a coach, educator, and advocate she focuses on positive and comprehensive sex education, sex rights advocacy and primary prevention solutions. In efforts to reduce harm and stigma she supports the DECRIM legal model for sex WORK/erotic LABOR.


She is currently seeking a Master's Degree in Public Health from Morehouse School of Medicine.

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