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TW!O Timeline

Description and Brief History

Totally Wow! Org. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a singular focus; to end sexual violence using primary prevention strategies. TW!O was originally founded in 2009 as Ladies Character Development and incorporated in 2011 as Totally Wow! Organization, a young ladies empowerment and character development organization. The first Totally Wow! Organization Young Ladies Character Development graduating class consisted of 6 young ladies. After pursuing a career in sexual health education and recognizing violence stemmed from stigma and miseducation, Totally Wow! Organization was restructured in 2013 to focus on sex education for social justice and violence prevention. Simultaneously, WPN Power, Co was created to focus on advocating for sex rights to individuals working in the sex trade industry. In 2022 the two organizations merged.

  • Totally Wow! Organization from 2011 - 2022; developed advocacy and education programming.

  • WPN Power from 2015 - 2022; provided solidarity and support to individuals engaging in consensual sex work/erotic labor.

  • Totally Wow! Org from 2022 - present; has a combined framework to create educational programming and support primary prevention, anti-stigma and harm reduction initiatives.

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