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Sexual stigma perpetuates a continuum of harm which in turn increases shame and violence. These Totally Wow! Org initiatives address stigma by normalizing comprehensive sexual education and sexual expression.


Ask the T.A.S.K. Team is a team of virtual characters who provide advice and links to comprehensive sex education resources intended for tweens, teens, and parents. Ask the T.A.S.K. (Teen Advocates for Sex-conscious Kids) Team provides users with an understanding of sexual autonomy and empowerment and the importance of receiving evidence-based, medically accurate sex education at a young age. The team interacts and engages with users virtually, through social media platforms.

Why is Comprehensive Sex Education necessary?

Sexual and emotional problems stem from secrecy and shame. Healthy sexuality is an important step in combating stigma and increasing self-awareness and empowerment. Virtual learning has become an integral part of exploration.  Giving learners virtual characters they can relate to allows room for representation and offers opportunities for accessible accurate information and resources.

In the era of what has been deemed the information age, censorship abounds; children are on the verge of losing access to information.With these recent surges in censorship project: Ask the T.A.S.K. Team aims to equip young learners with essential resources and comprehensive knowledge. Additionally, this project will give learners the opportunity to understand sexual and emotional intelligence and grow their cultural awareness.

Primary and primordial prevention strategies to END SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Totally Wow! Org programs are structured to advocate sex rights, promote sexual freedom, create comprehensive sex education and anti-stigma programming, and initiate solidarity and support for individuals in the sex labor industry.


Camp|U.S. provides sexual violence prevention/intervention program evaluations and recommendations. CampUS (Camp Uphold Safety) is intended to provide support and guidance to organizations, to improve sexual violence prevention program outcomes, and to maximize intervention program impacts. This initiative encourages organizations to take a 'Public Health Approach' when creating policies and procedures that address sexual violence on their campuses. Industries served include those with unique populations such as:

  • HBCU Campuses

  • Military Bases

  • NGOs/NPOs

  • Private School Campuses

Why culturally-sensitive public health approaches are important?

Culturally sensitive programs are especially critical in healthcare and education, where they help address disparities and ensure fair access to program services. Ultimately, valuing cultural differences and promoting cultural sensitivity contributes to creating a more harmonious and empathetic world.

Futhermore, taking a public health approach to sex rights issues is essential in promoting and protecting the sexual rights of all individuals. By considering the social, economic, and environmental determinants of sexual health, incorporating evidence-based research into interventions, reducing stigma and discrimination surrounding sexuality, and fostering collaboration and partnership among stakeholders, public health interventions can help to create a more inclusive and equitable society where all individuals have the right to make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellness.

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