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Description: Hashtag Campaign. To educate the public about the systematic sexual violence crisis. This campaign focuses on addressing predatory and heinous acts of sexual violence and how these acts operate in a system that continues to suppress the rights of marginalized communities and disenfranchise women. 

Ways to support:

  • Get social! – Help trend our hashtag on your social networks to spread the word.

  • Display the cause – Purchase a t-shirt, mug, or magnet that shows your support.

  • Go for the gold – Golden yellow is the official color ribbon for this campaign bringing awareness to the systematic sexual violence epidemic.

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No Perfect Solutions

Description: Awareness Campaign. To build support for PRIMARY PREVENTION initiatives. Sex Work/Erotic Labor, should NOT be inherently violent. This campaign focuses on bringing awareness to the primary prevention strategies to end sexual violence; including advocating DECRIM Sex Work initiatives to address harmful anti-trafficking legislation and sex/gender expression stigmas.

Ways to support:

  • Become an ally – Book this campaign’s core training seminar Ceau-Opx: Primary Prevention Allyship for your next program.

  • Take the pledge – Agree to reduce harm while providing sex and human rights autonym.

  • Know the facts – Read more about primary prevention solutions and the ways to prevent sexual violence in this infographic.

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