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Description: Hashtag Campaign. To educate the public about the sexual violence crisis. This campaign focuses on addressing predatory and heinous acts of sexual violence

Ways to support:

  • Get social! – Help trend our hashtag on your social networks to spread the word.

  • Display the cause – Purchase a t-shirt, mug, or magnet that shows your support.

  • Go for the gold – Golden yellow is the official color ribbon for this campaign bringing awareness to the disproportionate criminalization of POC in the sex trade and the overall public health crisis of sexual violence against POCs.

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No Perfect Solutions

Description: Advocacy Campaign. To build support for DECRIM initiatives. This campaign focuses on bringing awareness to the extrinsic violence and stigma surrounding sex work and promotes primary prevention solutions that collectively advocate harm reduction and stopping violence before it starts.

Ways to support:

  • Become an ally – Book this campaign’s core training seminar Ceau-Opx: DECRIM Allyship for your next program.

  • Take the pledge – Agree to reduce harm while providing sex and human rights autonym.

  • Know the facts – Read more about primary prevention solutions and the ways to prevent sexual violence in this infographic.

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